Who Our Scrap Metal Recycling Company Buys From

Anestis Metals buys from both individuals and corporations. Anestis Metal and our pick up service, known as Prospect Iron and Steel, have been recycling long before there were any environmental concerns. Scrap metal recycling reduces our carbon footprint by reusing metal for another purpose or form, thus cutting down the need for additional metal to be manufactured.

Scrap Metal We Will Purchase for Recycling

Anestis Metals buys all grades of copper, aluminum, brass, lead, steel, nickel based alloys, iron, appliances, car parts, electronics, stainless steel, coils, wires and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. View our full list of accepted metals.

To determine how much you will earn for your scrap metal, we empty, weigh, and pay cash immediately upon metal being delivered or picked up.

We Buy Metal for Construction & Remodeling Projects

Undergoing a remodeling or construction project? Learn more about our dumpsters for rent and why it is beneficial to use these dumpsters for your unwanted scrap metal. Our metal recyclers will drop off and pick up your rented dumpster upon request and take it to our recycling facility for you.

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