Scrap Metal Services In Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester is a city in central Massachusetts and is also known as “Heart of the Commonwealth” because of its location, thus, a heart is the official symbol of the city. Worcester was considered its own distinct region apart from Boston until the 70s. The city now features many examples of Victorian-era mill architecture.

Worcester was one of New England’s largest manufacturing centers by the mid-19th century. Large industries in the city specialized in wire production, machinery, and power looms. The manufacturing industry may have declined, but the city still maintains large manufacturers. Worcester hots a number of colleges and higher education, making services, like education and healthcare, a large portion of the city’s economy. As of the census back in 2010, the median household income was $61,212 and the median family income was $76,485.

Residential Scrap Metal Drop Off Services for Worcester Residents, Businesses, and Professionals

Worcester is a great city to find scrap metal! Because there are a number of large manufacturers, a lot of scrap metal may be lying around. The most common type of scrap metal we usually recycle include iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, and steel. Contact us to learn more about our commercial dumpster rentals

Scrap Metal That We Accept

For a more complete list of the metals we recycle, please click here!

To learn more about our scrap metal services, and how we value each piece we recycle, please give Anestis Metal a call at 617-666-3405.

Get Quick Cash for Your Scrap Metal in Saugus

When we recycle metal, after evaluating the quality and quantity of the metal, we will pay you cash ON THE SPOT. If the customer likes the offer, they will take the cash and we will recycle their metal; it’s as easy as that!

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